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Lego for Generations

Thanksgiving is a time for Lego.  At my parents house my Mom, keeps a giant box of lego that has been enjoyed for countless hours by my brothers and I around for the newest generation to enjoy. Lego building is something my little nephew looks forward to every time...

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Happy First Birthday Sydney Cate

  Today Sydney Cate turns 1 year old.  I cant believe this beautiful little girl has been a part of our lives for a whole year already. Its been so much fun watching her grow and I look forward to capturing many more milestones for this fabulous family for...

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Beautiful Baptism

After standing as a bridesmaid for Nicole and Dustin almost two years ago, it was beautiful to be apart of their daughter’s Baptism in the very same place, St. Francis Church. It was the perfect setting for such an intimate and beautiful ceremony saturated in tradition. Sydney dressed in the...

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Baby Anna is a Supermodel

This summer I had the pleasure of working with my dear friend’s family and their newest addition of baby Anna. She is such a pleasure to photograph with her infectious smile and bright blue eyes. I have never seen so many delightful facial expressions on such a tiny person,...

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Mystery Light?!

Hey guys…. soo this has me a little stumped. I was taking some long exposures in the rain on the porch for no reason at all. Here are 3 pictures all taken with a 25 second exposure, but the one in the middle has TWO mystery light lines that...

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Hey Birdy

We have a Cardinal that has been stopping by our tree lately. I can hear him distinctly from anywhere in the house when he is here. Cant get over his sweet hair doo.

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